water physics for health. H2O H3O2 structure 4th phase. Move to Seattle for bio-engineering

Financial Risk

Your muscles are batteries filled with water charged positive and negative, attraction is energy potential. 99% of your molecules are water. Water is essential to all functions of the cell. Water has a fourth phase between liquid and ice — vital for health, fills your body, H3O2. Fascinating research at U Washington by Professor Pollack. I listened to the video twice. Makes sense. Some notes:

Structured EZ water H3O2. Can be structured by infrared light and other light. Atoms organize themselves into H3O2 molecule is different completely than H2O. This structure is like ice, a crystal, excludes junk. Negative charge, water beyond is positive. Like a battery —
positive attracted to negative — means energy! Potential can be used. Light builds this structure, especially infrared. Hydrophylic protein EZ water H3O2. Very important for health.

Your cells are negative, filled with EZ water H3O2 except for urine, feces, perspiration that gets…

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