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BREAKING NEWS: Extreme Weather Breaks Out Across Nations; Geomagnetic Storms Con’t Hitting Earth – Coincidence?

Originally posted on Earth Changes Media: Several solar flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) have occurred over the last twelve days. Each event takes 24-48 hours to make its way to Earth’s magnetic field. During this same period, extreme weather has occurred mostly in the northern hemisphere. Equation: Charged Particles (sunspots, … Several…

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Mysterious Energy Ribbon at Solar System’s Edge a ‘Cosmic Roadmap’

Originally posted on Earth Changes Media: A strange ribbon of energy and particles at the edge of the solar system first spotted by a NASA spacecraft appears to serve as a sort of ?roadmap in the sky? for the interstellar magnetic field, scientists say. By comparing ground-based studies and in-space observations of solar……

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BREAKING NEWS: New Discovery Shows Galactic Cosmic Rays More Abundant

Originally posted on Earth Changes Media: Scientists using Voyager 1 data provides new detail of a region where our solar systems heliosphere (the bubble around our Sun and all its planets) and interstellar space connect. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have discovered a curious and unexpected… Scientists using Voyager…

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