Your Live Birth Record is a Deed… Record it…


I’ve been asked by many recently for what I have done so far… so here is the latest , and attached is the older… / Also a jpeg of what Your perfected deed might look like…  

File name: Record Birth Certificate.mp3:
Download link:


RobbRyder here: I attached a jpeg of the recorded deed.. formally known as the RECORD OF LIVE BIRTH… and if you down load the link to the audio you can kind of follow along … below are the definitions I mentioned in the audio, and at the bottom the reason I believe notice of the SEC of STATE, and clerk of the birth county is next…. Or is already happening… I don’t know how to track a Liber Code …but it’s on the list to do this weekend… 

  • } are used to represent certain type definitions or literal data values, such as a composite…

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