Allocution (Declaration of Absolute Rights and Refusal to Except Sentence)

Freedom Documents

(For Frank ‘Austin’ England III) 

(Blog Masters Note: Be sure and read the other two posting on this blog on Allucation.)

Allocution: Oral declaration of rights
and non-consent at sentencing

1. The document below is to be read orally to the court following conviction of a (whatever) and just prior to “sentencing”. The particular allocution below is the work and experience of one man during a “traffic” trial with a “charge” of “no valid registration (plates)”. There are two parts to the allocution: (a) declamation of rights and errors in the trial, etc, along with producing affidavits, information and mitigating facts, and (b) declamation of non-consent to any fines, taxes, prison, etc. Allocution has its origins in the common law. (See Corpus Juris Secundum, Criminal Law, §1573-1576). One must be totally alert to ask for the opportunity to “say something prior to sentencing” before the judge starts his sentencing –…

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