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Dean Clifford – Making it Simple

Dean Clifford speaks in Chilliwack BC educating the power of knowledge. Once you know what’s going on – game over for the bad guys. The good guys win again!By understanding how your voluntary participation in the Canadian government benefits system works, most commonly unwittingly by the individual, in conjunction with summary conviction from corporate kangaroo courts, you will learn to eliminate the confusion and drama in the courtroom before it happens – simply by stating the obvious yet assumed by the “authorities” of the voluntary system.Your live birth record is the only document that has the government’s signature on it. Every other form of government ID that the common individual possesses has their own signature on it. Why is this important?

What is the difference between a live birth record and a birth certificate?

What makes the individual “private” versus “performing a function of government”, and when do each apply?

At what point do answers become solutions?

Dean Clifford is LIVE IN AYLMER, DECEMBER 11th 2011 Both sides of the equation. Buy the high resolution DVD of the conference for a small donation (10$ minimum) and get PART 4 which was the 1 hour 30 minutes Question and Answer period. For more info visit:

August 18th 2011 Episode 122       Listen     Download

November 3rd 2011 Episode 133   Listen      Download

December 29th 2011 Episode 141  Listen      Download

March 15th 2012 Episode 152        Listen      Download

How To with Dean Clifford

Download Ep01 Property Taxes

Download Ep02 Ownership

Download Ep03 Jurisdiction 

Download Ep04 Commerce vs Common Law

Download Ep05 Contracting Thru The Person

Download Ep06 Decoupling From The System

Download Ep07 Holiday Special

Download Ep08 Detaxing

Global Talk Radio

Deans Website

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